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After 17 years in the Transportation industry, Matt Campbell understands how to get things rolling down the right track. Strategic infrastructure investments make good- communities- great and create pathways for business growth while improving quality of life.

Matt Campbell has worked hard for his paycheck since his first job at age 14. He understands that every tax dollar comes from someone who earned it. He believes taxes should be fair and simple and will strive towards a solution that works for you.

Matt Campbell believes every child deserves a good education so they can grow up and make their mark on this world. All students regardless of ability or learning location, must have an environment equipped with the resources needed for success.

Our streets are safer than most places in the state thanks to our police force and their commitment to community involvement. We must defend and support those who look after us at times when we are most vulnerable. Also, our elected officials must consider the safety of our community when making decisions. A large community that has the feeling of a safe, small town is what makes our district great. Matt Campbell aims to keep it this way.

Small businesses are a vital part of our community and provide more than 50% of all the jobs in the United States. We need to remove some of the burdensome red tape so that entrepreneurs are encouraged to put their ideas into action. Let's work to ensure the right decisions are made downtown so that our community continues to shine as a place where small business can thrive.

People matter, so love your neighbor! Matt Campbell understands that servant leadership works best and when others see you invest time, energy, and resources in those around you, it creates a ripple effect that brings people together for the good of all.

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